Luksch, Volpert&Friends

Streaming-Konzert, Steinigke Gelände, 2020

Steffi List Band feat. Linda Schmelzer

live in der Posthalle Würzburg, 2019

Bobby Mc Gee


Woodstock-Festival, Mainstreet Cafe, 2017

MuKuBe, Wörth a. Main, 2015

Rock the dome, Residenzkeller, 2010

Remembering Mike Viertel

Linda meets Kid Murphy

Remember Mike Viertel

Studioproduktion mit Jochen Volpert - Sessions 50.1-52.2 - 2012&2015

Gimme shelter

Vodoo Chile Outtake

I`d rather go blind

The best of Eric Clapton, White room/Bockshorn in Würzburg

Bluestrain, Bockshorn Würzburg, 2008

Voodoo Chile

Room to move

Sky is crying

Mannish Boy

Guitar Challenge Spectacle/U&D in Würzburg, 2009

Leslie&Clyde, We could do it together/Radio Gong Bühne in Würzburg